Accidental Advocate

In August of 2016, I lost my first baby. We named her Olive. This miscarriage changed me, broke me, shook me, tested me. Alex, my husband, and I were newlyweds but the newlywed bliss was quickly changed to something deeper. We clung to each other and to God to survive the grief. There are still days when I feel the pain as freshly as I did those years ago.

In January of 2017, we found out we were expecting again. It was the most exciting and terrifying time of our lives. Trying to give a little person your whole love while wanting to guard your heart because you have experienced such heartbreak before is a strange place to be. God blessed us and we met our rainbow baby face to face in October 2017.

In January of 2018, I became aware of the lack of regulation in the personal care products industry in the US. I learned that products I used every day on myself and my child contained ingredients that were linked to miscarriage among other conditions like infertility and cancer. Products like shampoo, baby wash, diaper cream, mascara, sunscreen, and perfume. Learning that the last law regulating the personal care products industry was passed in 1938 was appalling. Finding out that the US only bans 30 harmful or questionable ingredients while the EU bans over 1400 did not seem like reality. These are ingredients linked to cancer, miscarriage, early puberty, lower sperm quality, infertility, and other negative health effects.

I was livid. Still am. How is this legal? Who is supposed to be looking out for us? Why is our health at stake? 

In February of 2018, I added my voice to the Beautycounter mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone. Educating, advocating, and providing a solution with products. Knowing that I can help others become informed and empowered excited me. Make an impact and an income? Sign me up.


But it goes even deeper. Working this business, I’m able to help others lower their risk of negative health conditions, including miscarriage. If I can prevent just one woman from ever feeling the pain of losing a child before getting to meet them face to face, then I’m happy. Happy, but not satisfied. I will be satisfied when real legal change has occurred and women won’t lose their unborn babies because of ingredients in their freaking belly butters.

I know that God makes good come from evil and I believe that this job with Beautycounter is an example of this. Olive is my first motivation, my why. Then my rainbow. And now my third baby who I’ll meet this summer, God willing. They are what drives me. They are the reason why I’m bat sh*t passionate about this. I’m just a Mama Bear whose cubs have been messed with.

So here I am, an accidental advocate. I’ve found myself in a position where I am too moved to be quiet and sit still. Once I learned what I know now, I found a need to share this information with everyone I know and advocate for better health protective laws. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions—I love to help!


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