My Quick & Easy Makeup Look


Because I work from home, I don’t wear a ton of makeup very often. Usually I only have about 5 minutes to put my face on and I’m lucky if that happens before noon. Chasing toddlers around is hard, ya know? But, even if I’m only staying home or running errands, it helps me to feel more like myself to have a little makeup on. Sometimes self care looks like a nice bath, face mask, and a book. But, most times for me, it looks like putting on real pants, deodorant, and mascara.

So the actual makeup routine is simple, quick, & easy thanks to the wonderful Flawless in Five. I’ve been gravitating towards it more and more recently because it helps take some of the thinking out of my mornings. I just turn on autopilot and grab my 6 products and come out 5 minutes later feeling fabulous.


Here are the shades I’ve been wearing lately:

  • Tint Skin// Linen
  • Concealer// Fair (under eyes) & Light (blemishes)
  • Blush// Nectar (Good NARS Orgasm dupe)
  • Brows// Brilliant Brow Gel in Medium
  • Mascara// Volumizing
  • Gloss// Buff

Want to see this routine in action? Head over to my clean beauty and healthy living online community to see how quick and easy it is. And get your hands on the set yourself HERE.


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