Why Influencers Are Powerhouses of Direct Sales

Who loves commercials? Unless it’s Super Bowl Sunday, approximately nobody. We skip ads as soon as the 5 second preview is over, we hide them on social media, and we shift our attention to our phones during TV commercial breaks. As consumers, we have been numbed to ads, commercials, and celebrity endorsements. Marketing trends show that they aren’t as successful and don’t have as much return on investment anymore either.

Influencer Marketing is the Future of Sales.

You wanna know what does have a high ROI? Influencer Marketing. Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing where the focus is placed on influential people, usually on social media. These influencers then market products or services to their followers and fans.


Everyone is some type of influencer, regardless of the amount of followers they have. We all have influence when others trust our opinions.
On that same train of thought, like it or not, everyone is selling something. You sell what you love. I guarantee you have shared about a movie, product, event, gym, or show on your social media simply because you loved it. Did you get paid? No. Did the company get free advertisement? You bet.

Why not find a way to get paid to do something you’re already doing?


There, I said it. I believe that influencers can find SO MUCH success in direct sales. Individuals who are already putting so much effort into their social media are doing a large part of the work that network marketing involves. Influencers have a loyal following. Having a bunch of internet besties is this generation’s new normal. We want to hear about products from people we know, like, and trust. The girl from our favorite social media account telling us about an amazing cleansing balm is way more effective than a commercial of a model using it. Am I right or am I right?

Influencers already care about what they’re sharing. Their passion fuels them to create beautiful, inspiring content. This love of sharing information is exactly what makes them successful at network marketing.


Network Marketing Provides Influencers with a Larger Potential Residual Income Than Affiliate Links Do.

Another part of network marketing is building an organization of other sellers. No, not a pyramid scheme, so calm down and open your mind. Those are illegal and rely solely on recruiting without product. In legitimate network marketing companies, consultants are paid commission on their personal sales as well as a percentage of their team’s sales. They earn this commission by mentoring and leading their team to achieve sales goals as well as maintaining their own personal activity. (At least that’s how it works in the direct retail company I work with. I can’t speak much to others as I’m not familiar with the details of their business model. Mamavation has an awesome post all about nontoxic network marketing companies if you want to read more into this business model.)


Building a team is like choosing who you get to work with. As your own boss, you get to look at your network and pick those who are likeminded and driven and offer them an amazing job opportunity. If you are already interacting and genuinely supporting others on social media, then they will know you are coming from a place of authenticity and will be more likely to trust your opinion on direct sales and your company.

When you build an organization, you begin to earn residual income. Residual income comes from an asset that continues to bring in income after the work is done. Some examples are a book, movie, or song that you continue to earn royalties on. The residual income from direct sales is more like a rental property; as the landlord, you are being paid rent, but you still need to maintain the home. As a mentor, you provide support and guidance, but eventually your new teammates leave the nest and build their own businesses if they choose. This is where you do not need to invest as much into them but you still maintain a paycheck.

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The income potential with network marketing is much more significant than that of doing brand affiliations or ambassador programs. Often these are short-term. But network marketing continues to grow exponentially. As time goes on and your team builds teams of their own, you continue to be paid on their efforts. (Again, this is dependent on your own efforts and mentorship. You can’t just check out completely and expect to make money.) The business model has incredible potential. If you are already sharing info, inspiring, and educating your followers, then you are practically doing the work of network marketing for free. (Just saying.) So my advice: take those efforts and reap the fruit of your labor.

So that’s the skinny on why social media influencers are legit powerhouses in direct sales. Adding an additional stream of income is always a smart move. Please reach out here with any questions!

XO, Sam

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